Date Created


Project Team Size

Solo Project

Skills Used

Multi-Touch Interaction Design, Sound Design, Objective C

Neutrino is an abstract art sound toy. Inspired by a class I took as young adult in particle physics. Neutrinos, have fascinated me ever since. Neutrino (the app) implements a simplistic but visceral multi-touch interface, providing an ever-changing soundscape reacting to touch and device orientation.

iTunes Description:

The original neutrino-inspired art sound toy! Remix the galaxy in a fluid environment of sound, movement and abstract shape.

Fun ways to use Neutrino: fast, fun sound compositions (alone or with friends)
DJ your own ambient soundscape, anywhere, anytime, any galaxy
play with the intersect of sound, gesture and dynamic visuals

secrets of the universe
acts like the calculator Mr. Sulu always wanted
multi-touch audio/visual controls

Best used at: particle physicists' cocktail parties long elevator rides moments set aside for casual play

Made-up acclaim: I never had such a strong reaction to a simulation of the "weak interaction"
Move over muons, neutrinos are the new black!
I'm not sure why Super Kamiokande is so big, this app is awesome!

Headphones are recommended.
Not intended for use by actual particle physicists.

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