How Many Digital Faces?

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HTML5, Javascript, WebGL, Firebase

Which social media account represents you best? Do your tweets match your Instagram pics? Would you hide your LinkedIn profile from eHarmony? Wearing alternative faces for different social circles isn't new, but does having unlimited digital personas encourage us to continually fragment our interests until we find the perfect match?

How Many Digital Faces Do You Wear? is an interactive photo booth installation that shows us our own fragmented selves as we answer a series of questions about our own digital social habits.

  • Have you ever pretended to be someone else online?
  • How much does your profile pic match your personality/true self?
  • How many online social connections have you never met in person?
  • Does your online life look better than your real life?
  • Are you more or less honest online?
  • Do you have more than one account on the same social network?

Fragmentation of your photo booth “selfie” occurs in real-time as you answer, providing an abstract visualization of this highly subjective set of questions.

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