Date Created


Project Team Size

Solo Project

Skills Used

Interaction Design, 3D Rendering, Sound Design, Objective C

Hypnosketch is an early iOS experiment in tool/art making. I am interested in how interface influences behavior and more exactly how creative tools impact creative work. While Hypnosketch can certainly be used as a traditional drawing tool, its design is intentionally biased more towards play and ephemeral experiences than digital illustration.

iTunes Description:
Hypnosketch is a reactive drawing toy. It's easy to use and fun to explore. Part sound toy, part interactive art, Hypnosketch is difficult to describe but fun to get to lost in. 3-D brushes rotate in space, creating an ever-changing kaleidoscope of visual illusions and sonic surprise. 2-D brushes provide a classic drawing experience, mimicking natural media and rich textured drawings. Creative art therapy-- touch sound, art and your optical unconscious with this unique app designed to put your art in motion and your imagination into overdrive.

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